Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Erin Wasson - RVCA

I was watching NYC TV (love them!!!), to see all the shows and I ran into Erin Wasson. I have to admit I don't know who she is ... maybe because I am not American.... but a Dutchy. I liked her in the interview and thought she was very beautiful. When I saw her collection I thought why would people spend so much money on something that is such a rip-off of the 80's 90's style. To me it was a blatant copy and it looked tacky. It was supposed to be rock with a modern twist...but I didn't see that at all. So I felt like I needed to do some research on her and her collection.

Top left, is a picture of a vintage dress I found on Ebay, last summer,
on the right you see. Erin in the same kind of original idea or a blatant be the judge!
below, pictures are from her Spring 2009 collection

Erwin at Home

We at U&A love vintage... but if you're going to borrow from the past should it not have a fresh modern feel, if not then you might as well buy from your local thrift store or better still buy from Used & Abused. From the pictures I've seen of her, It’s a shame Ibecause I like her own rock edgy style, it sort of reminds me of Kate Moss who I love and is so happening right now. Its a lot of vintage mixed with designer just how we like it..... what went wrong with the 2009 fall collection. Inspiration was NYC Street and California beach live.

Horrible these looks should stay in the past.....

the best dress of her fall collection

In these tough economical hard times your collection should be strong... but then as my good friend (who always has an opinion about everything), lol, said to me, she's popular because of her name and people like her own style, and she was asked to create that, just like Kate Moss. But unlike Kate Moss she missed the mark. Maybe she should have thrown in her own personal wardrobe. Velvet pants...I don't think so.

some pics from the after party
outfits here look more interesting than her collection!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Secret Affair

Here are some pics from our first ever trunk show back in December 2008. It was a great affair and once again a big thank you to all those who came out. Our next trunk show will be in April bringing lots of fabulous glam spring/summer pieces. We’ll keep you informed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Grammy’s was kind of sad!!!

Fashion at the Grammy’s was kind of sad, nothing really stood out. We were hard pressed to find hot looks that we could talk about. But after much searching we came with these four.

First up Gwyneth Paltrow in Versace
When Gwyneth came out in this dress I was so loving it. The shiny tights and silver heels gave it a twist. But I have to say at the end of the day I prefer the simple runway version. The skinny belt, sweetheart bust line and bare legs wins it for me.
Sara: I like it. The tights gives it an edgier look. I also love the cardigan it gives this high fashion dress a casual urban look. But maybe I’m biased because I love grey.

Next Jennifer Hudson in Roland Mouret
Jazz: Totally love it. I think Jennifer looks great in it even better than the model but I wish the shoes were different. It’s a bit too safe for me. I prefer the models. Sara: I feel it flatters her body but I also wish she wore different shoes. Shoes that pop like a red, yellow, lime green, something anything but those safe boring ones.

Also Janelle Monae in we have no idea
Jazz: I only recently came across this singer Janelle Monae and I have to say her music is not bad at all, she is worth checking out. But what is definitely worth checking out is her style I love it just like I love this outfit. Its different especially for the Grammy’s with everyone wearing a dress, I especially love the tails jacket, I’ve been looking for a vintage version for the longest but to no avail.
Sara: Like the outfit but wish she wore some killer heels.
make it a little bit more feminine

Finally Kim Kardashian in silver Toni Maticevski
Jazz: I have to say I wasn’t feeling this dress at first but it slowly grew on me. She looks good in it. Sara: For me its cute sassy and not at all a trashy choice, like some people are saying. Love this dress on her love the hair it’s simple, not to much accessories. Work it out Kim!!!

Jazz: So the dress that gets my vote is Jennifer Hudson in Mouret.
Sara: I am going for Kim Kardashian in silver Toni Maticevski

But finally before we end the dresses that caught our attention for all the wrong reasons

First Paris Hilton in vintage Versace
We didn’t like it at al. That’s giving vintage a bad name, but then what do we expect from Paris she’s a hot mess. Never have we seen her in anything worth screaming about.

Then Leona Lewis in Randi Rahm with Lucifer Vir Honestus jewels
Jazz: Hated it!! My country girl is letting me down big time .Her style is too mature for her and this dress in no exception. For someone who said that her and her stylist we’re going to come up with something different for the Grammy’s, we feel they’ve failed. Miserably. Plus the dull dress looks too small for her, isn’t that her boob hanging out on the side? Sara: I love Leona, but I have to agree with Jazz she is like what 23 she looks like she is in her 30 40, and she is beautiful.... she should fire her stylist and all the ppl that tell her she looked good, HER BOOB is hanging out.... you need honest ppl in your camp! I found a picture of her the night before at Clive Davis in a dress that looked much better on, but still kind of boring for her age. I like the pink nail polish...(it's the only thing that kind of makes her look her age) with the back dress. I always wear hot pink or black nail polish, it makes an out fit look so much better specially on black. Sorry Leona could not make more out of it, you should let U&A style you!

What do you think?
Send in your comments. Do you agree or disagree with our choices?