Monday, April 27, 2009


Is this the shape of things to come? A futuristic three dimensional structured boxy shape.
Calvin Klein spring/summer 2009

Who's it for? Not for everyone we've gathered...after excitingly purchasing a couple of cocoon shaped dresses (one shown below) last year thinking they were definite sellers, especially as one was a Oscar Da Renta dress. We were surprised they had not been snapped up.

Styling tips, dropping the price and telling people how comfortable they are to wear did not help to move these fabulous dresses.
Last resort was to chop up the sleeves, the dress now can be found in our ebay store!

These shapes are not about the female form at all, so only the super skinny, curveless, straight up and down teenager can get away with it. Any other form with lumps and bumps and hips is not going to cut it, you'll end up looking larger than you are.

The Calvin Klein pieces I love to death, but are they functional? NO. Are they sexy? NO, so its going to be interesting to see if ladies will rock them. But there is always the more tamer version...the tulip or cocoon style which will be seen every shop this summer, so lets see if its going to take off or is it just for the shapeless few. LOL!

What do we think of Estelle's dress, she received alot of criticisms...I love it, what do you guys think?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Summer Trunk Show May 17



From the very first time I laid eyes on Debbie Harry Blondie, I was a fan. She had that certain wasn't just the music which I loved from Hanging on the telephone to Rapture or her stunning looks which most men ga gaed over. No for me it was her style, her style grabbed me then and still grabs me now.

What's so cool about her is that she was way way ahead of her time, looking at so many images I see that Ms Harry is CURRENT from her hairstyles (like the one on top) which you see today everywhere to her clothing, the 80s retro punk/glam look so fits into today's fashion. For me as there is so much ideas and inspiration you can pull from her looks.

Check her out and you'll see.

And even at the age of 63, Ms Harry is still bringing it, maybe not as prevelant as before, but there's still something.

Here's a few of my favs.

Wouldn't you rock this today? I so would!!

From the Heart of glass video
asymetrical sheer silver dress

simple but edgy, designed by Stephen Spruse

I've always loved this album cover...the men looking sharp, and her in a simple white dress and slingbacks
and that hairstyle...


Prints are big this season, seen all over the runway
Ms Harry bringing it back then, Dolce & Gabbana serving it today!!!

This is so my style, short, loose and sexy!!

maybe not, but anyway... lol

Sunday, April 19, 2009

First day Brooklyn flea!!!!

Yesterday was the first day of the Brooklyn flea it was great, NICE music, NICE weather, HOT CLOTHES from us of course!!! Lol!! We met some great ppl, I want to show you guys some of the outfits we sold to our GLAM costumers.
I am on my way to our photo shoot for our flyer for the trunk show... yes we are having another trunk show 17th May...keep the date saved, I will tell you everything about it tomorrow.

These females were my HEROES last night. I was tired, and my rack crashed to the floor in the middle of the street walking home from the market with way too much stuff, these ladies came to my rescue...and set me back up and walked me alllll the way home... Just 2 blocks, but It was so nice of them. I had to take a picture of them because it was so funny.

I love this dress and she got the belt to, she wanted a simple belt that would work with everything.

Jazz LOVED this dress, she was sad to see it!!! She just finished altering it that same morning.

This was our last sale of the day, and one of my favorite dresses, I have a thing for stripes.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love for Yellow shoes

I looked everywhere for Yellow shoes, and could not find them anywhere... they were never my size or did not like the style, or they were too high, so I gave up on looking for them. Six months later we were shopping and these yellow shoes were looking at me... My yellow shoes I felt like Cinderella because they were my size, and just the style I wanted, not to busy very simple pumps, the color spoke enough. The dress will be in our store next week, it's a great 100% silk dress if you put it on you don't want to take it of, it's so nice and soft....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


New York Fashion Week was an absolute success. Even though designers felt the pinch of the recession, others carried on to create colorful and fun designs for Fall/Winter 2009. On one side we saw a lot of black, violet and dark blue. And on the other side there were stunning girly shades of electric pink, orange and blue tones. Going towards in the middle. Moving with shapes, designers kept with the classic hourglass silhouette. Cigarette pants were popular and legging are back. I’ve narrowed New York Fashion Week down. Here are my top picks:

Betsy Johnson unlike many designers embraced colors. What I did like was the over the knee socks and the blue jumpsuit very 70's...... adding the sultry red coat to complete the look.

I’m always in for writing Hence this piece from Miss Sixty. I adore the leggings and also a
Big fan of the oversized belt That reminds you that the Model has a figure...

London: What did I think about the collections at the London Fashion Week? Well, at times I though very little. It seems to me that designers had recreated past collections. ‘safe’ is the word that comes to mind when thinking about some of the collections. Is it just me or is the recession chic getting kind of well, boring? I get that economic hardships can effect a lot but I also think it’s the time where creative talents shine trough.

Marios Schwab kept it plane but fun with this short sleeveless dress. To me the dress has sort of a earth tone to it.

Thinking out of the box Sinha-Stanic took a risk with this long sleeved dress. The look to me is pretty interesting, and paring it up with leggings sort of finishes it for me.


Paris fashion week is always a great show that pleases our eyes and at the same time tells us the hottest trends. This time I noticed that Glam and punk are finally here, plus sequins and accessories are a must. I also noticed the off the shoulder look, this off or on shoulder trend is popular with the designers. Ladies get ready to show off you figure because femininity back on track

A model displays a pink short dress. Not sure if I would wear it but it looks pretty good. Spanish designer Estrella Archs caught y eye with this piece.

As you can tell always good for the color pink. Looking as if it was something I would wear to my prom one day, designer of this stunning dress.. Cengiz Abazoglu.

Milan: Designers such as Prada, Marni and Jil Sander all show in Milan. It gets me excited to see the fashion and what they have planned for the masses. Some things that caught my eye were bows displayed by Francesco Cognitional. Dramatic cuts seem to be rising in popularity with the designers. Flares and bell bottoms. Bright tights and tartans are also going strong.

An example of designer Francesco Cognitional large bows.

When I look at this dress I think of a GLAM..., wedding dress with a twist. The bottom of the dress gives the look an outstanding lead.

written by Doris Shonobi