Monday, March 30, 2009

Melrose Flea Market

Checking out the vintage LA scene

Used & Abused is in LA!!!!

We were at this POTLUCK party last Night, Never heard of that before, but I love the meaning of it, I know that all Americans know that it means but for me this was a hole new experience. For the ppl that don't know what it means....just like me, it is a gathering were you invite friends and everybody brings a POT full of home cooked food! it's symbolic for a pot full of LUCK! I think it's a great Idea for a recession proof Party fun times... and you don't need to say we go Dutch! lol Potluck sounds so much better. The ppl who invited us had a great house I wanted to share with you guy's this crazy tepee tent, I have never been in one before and for a NY/Amsterdam city Girl, A garden like this is heaven with a tepee tent were you can chill crazy, It would be great for a shoot.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Lookbook Item in Store Now!!!

This week in store!!!

I love this piece, Gwyneth Sexy on Harper Bazaar
We found this piece and it reminded me of the dress Gwyneth wore in Bazaar. It's up for grabs now in the STORE

Friday, March 20, 2009

New lookbook pictures

Here you have the pictures for our new lookbook....!!!! I am really liking them if I say so myself.... if you would like to see the pictures bigger click on the picture. The jumper is in our STORE NOW
Tomorrow you can find the the pictures in our lookbook on our website.

everything in our lookbook will be on sale in the upcoming weeksssss keep watching our store
Have a great weekend!! GLAM it up if your partying this weekend

Thursday, March 19, 2009

BEHIND THE SCENES!!! At our photoshoot last weekend

We had a look book shoot for our fall collection....We know its a little bit late, but we had so many hot pieces that we wanted to take pictures of, and I can't wait for summer here in NY apart from needing SUN. I can't wait for our summer shoot, I keep fantasizing for some guys, hot guys and some girls in summer dresses, jumpsuits, hot sandals etc., and next week we're off California, I just know we're going to find HOT stuff, I'm super excited!

I'm almost done with photoshopping the pictures and as soon as they're done they'll be up hopefully by the end of the week. So for now here are some pictures from behind the scenes. We wanted to show how DAMN good and fun vintage clothes can be, sometimes it is hard to believe it's second hand, pre worn pre loved. To me it's like new especially when we've altered, reproduced or reconstructed them...its amazing how a simple thing as changing buttons can make a big difference.
So thanks to David (photographer) who also opened up his house to us, Hiro (make up) our girl Liz best darn hair stylist, and of course models Charlette and Heide (red hair) ...Heide whose energy and style I love, I actually met her through another model friend of mine Tonia, who I'm hoping to shoot one day when she's back in NY. Both of them are signed with Muse NYC agency.

Photographer. David Webber Make up. Hiroshi yonemoto for M.A.C. Hair. Elizabeth Owusu Models. Heide LindGren, Charlette Williams

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yes! It's DONE preview Ebay store

I have to admit, this selling online is not that easy, I have much respect for everybody that does it .... but I am very happy that we are up, we've been wanting to do this FOREVER. I am even more computer savvy now...:).
To start off with I want to tell you guys my favorite pieces even though I LOVE them all I do have my favorites like the diamante strap jumpsuit, I love it, I think it so GLAM! I love the open back and if you keep following our style you will see we have a thing for open backs, but back to the jumper it originally had a lace back which we took out. We will be showing more before and after pictures of our pieces, but I wish we had a before picture of this one. I hope we will have something soon to show you guy's, we are waiting for Jazz... so lets see what she comes up with, each time it's almost like she is cooking and she always ends up with a great dish. Let us know what you think, and don't forget to check out our
STORE we will have new listings every week.