Sunday, April 26, 2009



From the very first time I laid eyes on Debbie Harry Blondie, I was a fan. She had that certain wasn't just the music which I loved from Hanging on the telephone to Rapture or her stunning looks which most men ga gaed over. No for me it was her style, her style grabbed me then and still grabs me now.

What's so cool about her is that she was way way ahead of her time, looking at so many images I see that Ms Harry is CURRENT from her hairstyles (like the one on top) which you see today everywhere to her clothing, the 80s retro punk/glam look so fits into today's fashion. For me as there is so much ideas and inspiration you can pull from her looks.

Check her out and you'll see.

And even at the age of 63, Ms Harry is still bringing it, maybe not as prevelant as before, but there's still something.

Here's a few of my favs.

Wouldn't you rock this today? I so would!!

From the Heart of glass video
asymetrical sheer silver dress

simple but edgy, designed by Stephen Spruse

I've always loved this album cover...the men looking sharp, and her in a simple white dress and slingbacks
and that hairstyle...


Prints are big this season, seen all over the runway
Ms Harry bringing it back then, Dolce & Gabbana serving it today!!!

This is so my style, short, loose and sexy!!

maybe not, but anyway... lol

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