Wednesday, April 1, 2009

LA goodies

We found this great Japanese piece from the 70's, it's even hand painted. I don't think it needs altering as I think its fantastic as is, and we don't want to loose any of the flower detail,  but you never know with Jazz, Lol. 

I love the fit of this cute CUTE little blue dress, I absolutely don't like the white embroidery trim. I think I would like to see it with some studs.... I love studs, I was so in love with the Gucci collection from fall 2008 the studded boots and bags.It  was and still is so HOT!!! I was hoping that in Rome the sale would make them more affordable... NOT!!  I have this thing, I can not spend more then one months rent on shoes or bags,  so the Gucci shoes are still not in my closet! (: To make a long story short the studs will give the dress a edgier look, the dress looks TOO girly cute now!  We'll keep you posted and in a couple of weeks we can show you the end result.

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