Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Copy or Coincidence???

Its amazing on our travel hunting for gems how many vintage pieces look or are similar to modern designer pieces. Just take a look at our  Saks Fifth Ave 8o's dress compared with the Balenciaga dress from Fall 2008 collection. When we found this dress I was so excited, (wanted to wear it straight away) because I love the Balenciaga version.  Granted our version has gold buttons and sleeves, and is not as sculptured but the resemblance is there, and once I remove the sleeves its gonna look even HOTTER!!! We'll be showing it soon, just as soon as I finish the million other pieces to be altered. Lol!! 

We all know that fashion is borrowed from the past, and studying at London College of Fashion the past was very important as a source of inspiration. But we were always encouraged to take elements from a piece not the whole piece which we find time and time again.
So you be the judge a blatant copy or coincidence?!!!

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